Pre and post operative rehabilitation / Physical rehabilitation

Physiotherapy before surgery has been shown to speed up your recovery. Research has shown that patients with arthritic hips and knees display weakening of postural and stability muscles that are important in providing control and dynamic stability to that particular joint and the regions around it such as the lumbar spine and pelvis. Poor dynamic control can lead to pain and dysfunction of other regions.


Maintaining good movement control, range of movement and function can improve your potential for a successful and optimal recovery.


Following surgery, it is normal for the affected area to be painful, swollen, stiff and weak.


Physiotherapy will accelerate your recovery and reduce your pain levels quicker, aiming to return you to your previous levels of fitness. Post operative rehabilitation can optimize your muscle function, movement control, strength, range of movement and fitness that will speed up and recovery from surgery so you can make the best possible recovery.

"You will be given an appropriate and progressive rehabilitation program designed to help you return to the sport or activities you may not have been to fully participate in before your operation. "

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